Wijndomein Auansati



In 2017 we planted the grapevines. We use grapes that do well in the Dutch climate and can handle a jog. This is important, since the Dutch summers can be moist and grapes can be sensitve for fungus and mildew.

We try to work as must as possibble on a biologial base with respect for the environment and the soil. To do this we need grapes that can handle this. Following this link (in Dutch) more information can be found on the variaties we planted.

The vinification of our wines is done at the Betuws Wijndomein, since we not yet have our own facilities. They have long-time experience in creating excellent wines with the grapevariaties we use.

Wijndomein Auansati

Wijndomein Auansati is a small vineyard of about 0,5 hectare, located in the Betuwe. In the summer of 2015 we, Jan Everts en Karin Eizema, started to setup the vineyard. In 2017 we planted our vines and in 2019 we were able to harvest our first grapes.

Our goal is to grow healthy grapes and to create beautifull wines for us and other peaple to enjoy. It's not our livelyhood, but evolved from our passion for wines and the process of creating them. If you're around, please be welcome and we'll tell you all about it. We live in Kerk Avezaath, a small village near Tiel.